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Supporting Our Community

Local lad giving back to the Community!

Fernheath Playing Fields, in West Howe, Bournemouth are host to eight different senior and 3 junior football teams at weekends.

Football has been played at this site since the 1940s and some of the teams playing there now originally started as youth teams and have worked their way up to playing in the Hayward League as adults.

New goals were desperately needed this season. And as the site is run by volunteers and little money is gained from the weekend after expenses and running costs are paid it became necessary to look around for much needed funding.

Originally from the area, Mark, from M A Hart was more than happy to help out and give something back to the local community and grass roots sport. And had these words to say…

“As an official sponsor to AFC Bournemouth and Bournemouth FA we are delighted to donate money to grass roots football in an area where myself and some of my team grew up and indeed still live. Hopefully all of the teams based at Fernheath will get plenty of use out of them and score plenty of goals in them. ”

Fernheath are now the proud owners of 4 roll-on, roll-off goals and are extremely grateful to Mark for his invaluable donation.